About Us

Please allow us to take a moment to introduce you to Monkey’s Barrel. The first thing you should know is that Monkey’s Barrel LLC is a web based company with a focus on product sales, allowing others to sell, advertising, blogging, recipes, crafts for the home (DIY), crafts for children and is an artist trading cards hotspot. Website accreditation go to Nathan Duckworth ( https://www.facebook.com/nduckworth ) for his brilliant artwork and design and the site will be maintained by the Monkey’s Barrel team.

Unlike most websites,  we have had this website designed to suit all of our desires and interests.  We wanted to provide a variety of things to share with you.  This is the mad reasoning behind the business name “Monkey’s Barrel”.   All of the recipes on our site have been all tested by us , our families and our friends. We invite you to try the recipes, and if you would like, leave constructive feedback in the comments.  If you have any recipes you would like to share, feel free to share them with us at MonkeysBarrel@gmail.com. We will make sure you get the accreditation for it. As we cook the recipes multiple times, we often think of improvements and update the recipes.  Monkey’s Barrel will also be selling many unique handcrafted gifts and some that are crafted by others.  The general public will be allowed to sell their own unique gifts, products and goodies at a sales percentage rate of 3.5% and a $0.20 listing fee for 4 months. We will be sharing crafty ideas for the home and also for children.

Artist Trading cards are baseball size blank cards that artwork is created on, according to the theme, and are traded with others all over the world.  We keep copies of our collection, and the traded cards in albums at home, to share with friends & family.   It’s truly a reward to show your talent to others.   The general public will also be allowed to advertise on Monkey’s Barrel with a per click-through rate.  Please keep in mind that what you see here, is a work in progress.  There will be many changes and adjustments to get this website perfect.  If you would like to leave any feedback about the site, click on contact us and share your ideas with us.

As the CEO of the company, I, Catherine Ghent, am looking forward to all of you having a great experience browsing our new Website. We have put a lot of effort into this and will listen carefully to your ideas and suggestions for improvements. Please share your thoughts with us! I myself have been interested in crafts since a very your age. Some of my best memories are crafting with my late Grandmother who I miss dearly! Starting a business with arts and crafts in mind, has been a longtime desire of mine and therefore I am very proud to present to you MonkeysBarrel.com.

Thank you for taking the time to read the ABOUT US section. We sincerely hope you will enjoy our site. Comments are welcome on the most recent recipes and posts. We ask that if you wish to leave a comment about what you think about this website, recipes, blog etc., that you leave a comment that is pleasant for the eyes of the readers.  Constructive criticism is welcome, as we benefit from such advice. Rude, mean, or obnoxious comments are not welcome and will not be approved to post. Please restrict your comments to the topic at hand, for the benefit of all who may be reading. Should you feel you you are offended or displeased with any content on our site, please contact our CEO directly at Cathie@MonkeysBarrel.com.


The Monkey’s Barrel Team.